testimonials-tmgFemale, age 44--referred by dentist--exam in 2002--Headaches: for 8 months 3-4 times per week, constant throbbing jaw pain, taking 84 ibuprofen per week. Had 4 appointments.

Dear Dr. Avila and staff,
What can I say?!? The difference from before I came to you for help and the way I feel now are night and day. Initially, I had horrible headaches and jaw pain first thing in the morning then they began lasting all day. I started eating Ibuprofen like M&M’s just to keep it tolerable. I’m not a person who runs to a doctor, so I kept waiting for it to go away. It didn’t. You were recommended to me by a friend. After having an exam and a few (not painful) injections and being fit for a mouth piece it was amazing the difference! I put in the mouth guard and take it out whenever I don’t need it. Basically I could not handle the pain anymore. Now I’m pain free and really don’t have to wear the mouth piece near as much as in the beginning. I didn’t grind my teeth-I clenched them hard in my sleep and when I’m stressed. The techniques you taught me have made all the difference in the world. In such a simple step by wearing the mouth piece (it is small enough to fit in my purse for trips etc. also easy to brush and keep clean) I don’t have the headaches or jaw pain anymore. We don’t have dental insurance BUT it was very affordable and worth every penny. I would, and have recommended your office anytime I talk to someone with this kind of problem. A huge plus is your wonderful staff, they are so supportive, friendly and caring. I miss them! But thanks to how you all helped me with my problem I don’t need to come in anymore. As a team you helped fix all the painful agony I was going through by everything you did to help me.

Thank you so much!!
Lisa (11/2006)

Male, age 56--referred by physician--exam in 2006--Headaches: for past month 1 time per week lasting 1 hour, daily dull jaw pain, taking 20 Motrin per week. Had 2 appointments.

Dr. Avila and Staff,
How is everyone at the office getting along? Thank God I’m Doing Much Better. Doctor, Your Treatment for my TMJ has been so helpful. I don’t have the facial pain, neck pain or shoulder pain that I was having. Although I’m still having some popping in my ears, as you said, that it would take some time for the popping to go away. Thank you so much for your help, you and your Staff are a Blessing. May you have continued Success in helping others as you have helped me.

Thank you,
William (11/2006)

Female, age 43--referral from family physician--Exam in 2005--Headaches: for 4 months 2 per week, daily jaw pain lasting 4 hours, taking 14-20 Aleve per week. Had 1 appointment only.

Dear Dr. Avila,
The pain is gone and 90% of my headaches are also gone. The catching and clicking in my jaw remains but when it is especially bad I wear the mouth guard for several nights and then I am fine. Thank you for your excellent care!

Elaine  (11/2006)

Female, age 61--referred by dentist--exam in 2005--constant ear pain and jaw pain for 3 months. Was awakened during sleep by jaw pain. Had 3 appointments and then recently 2 appointments.

Dear Dr. Avila,
I came to your office in horrible pain. My ears hurt and I could not sleep at night. My neck hurt. I had a ringing sound in my ears. I followed your directions and it was wonderful to finally get a good night's sleep. My ear pain and ringing went away along with my neck pain. I came back for a check up and was doing well. I thought I had this thing licked.

The next fourteen months brought constant stress. We built a house, downsized to a smaller home, moved two families during Thanksgiving and Christmas, owned two homes for 12 months, was the primary care provider for my elderly mother, broke my pinkie toe, husband had knee surgery, husband's father died and we drove 5000 miles on our "vacation". The ringing sound in my ears came back after those fourteen months.
I saw you recently and am back down to a "1" on a subjective pain scale zero to 10. I appreciate all you have done for me.

Thank you,
Joy (1/2007)

Female, age 51--self referred--exam in 2006--Constant daily headaches for past 12 months which at times awoke her from sound sleep. Jaws locked for 25 years once per month for 15 minutes. Taking 28 ibuprofen per week. Had initial exam and 1 follow up appointment.

Dear Dr. Avila,
I just wanted to write this to say Thank You. I did not realize how badly I was feeling until you made my headaches go away. I have more energy. I sleep better at night. I can concentrate at work.

Since you and Kelly taught me all the things I was doing wrong, I am more conscious about my every day habits.

You are truly a miracle worker.

Thank you,
Twyla (1/2007)

Female, age 35--self-referred--exam in 2004--Daily sharp shooting pain. Toothache pain, jaw pain and ear pain. Has awakened during sleep by jaw pain. Two to three headaches per day each lasting several hours. Pain relieved by Zoloft, Toridol and Midrin. Had 4 appointments and then recently 3 appointments. No longer daily user of Zoloft, Toridol and Midrin.

I suffered from TMJ for 7 (1996-2003) years. I had horrible headaches, jaw pain, ear pain, ringing in my ears, and dizziness that would last for weeks. I also noticed that my teeth were shifting. I went to my family physician; he prescribed every migraine medicine available over the years, none of which helped. I started taking my son to see Dr. Avila for braces and found out about his TMJ treatment plan. I was very, very interested and desperate for any help that was available. On my first appointment I received education, learned the lips together teeth apart technique, and also received several injections. I started feeling better immediately after the injections. Over the next several days I could feel all the tension and pain just falling off my shoulders, neck, and face. Following the injections I took the medicine prescribed by Dr. Avila and the relief continued. I slept better and had more energy. I enjoy my days now because I am not constantly battling a headache and severe pain. My face always looked so tired and angry because of the headaches and pain, but not anymore! I strongly suggest anyone suffering from TMJ symptoms to see Dr. Avila. Knowing how badly I felt before I met Dr. Avila, I cannot imagine what my life would have been like without receiving his TMJ treatment. Dr. Avila has made a tremendous difference in my life and for that I am forever thankful!

Margo (2/2007)