Secondary Headaches Resulting from a Primary Condition

"Secondary Headaches" are very dangerous and immediate physician care and diagnosis is strongly recommended. Please read carefully. If a headache progresses over a short time period to the "worst" headache you have ever had, commonly accompanied with vision disturbance and fainting, CALL 911 – YOU MAY HAVE HAD A STROKE! A "Secondary Headache" is a symptom resulting from an undiagnosed condition such as a stroke, high blood pressure, vascular abnormality, brain disease or even a tumor. "Secondary Headaches" account for less than 10% of all headaches. However, you have to be aware of "Secondary Headaches" because these types of headaches can bring IMMEDIATE DEATH.

Primary Headaches

"Primary Headaches" vary from a simple headache which may happen once every year or every three years, to constant headaches which are dealt with every minute of every day. Some headaches cause the patient to immediately seek a quiet, dark place. It has been estimated that over 100 million Americans suffer from headaches every year. Patients having the symptom of "headache" account for between 33-50% of patient visits to physician offices, depending on what season of the year it is. Headaches are a signal to you, from your body, that something is not right. There are three types of primary headaches: tension, migraine and cluster.

  • Tension Headaches are by far the most common type of headache. Over 70% of all adults will experience a "Tension Headache" sometime during their lifetime. It is estimated between 75% and 90% of all "Primary Headaches" are "Tension Headaches". Stress is the most common cause of tension headaches with other causes arising from poor postural mechanics (e.g. answering telephones, looking at computer displays etc.) and trauma (e.g. car accident, sports accident or other accident).
  • Migraine Headaches are estimated to affect about 30 million Americans every year. They are more debilitating than "Tension Headaches" and can cause the sufferer to stay in bed in a fetal position, crying. They may be triggered by food allergies, strong light, strong sound, quick barometric changes and/or seasonal allergies. It has been estimated that 75% of migraine sufferers are of the female gender.
  • Cluster Headaches are the least common type of "Primary Headaches". It has been estimated there are over one million Americans who experience "Cluster Headaches" every year. "Cluster Headache" patients are comprised of primarily males. It has been estimated that 90% of "Cluster Headache" patients are of the male gender.

Additional Information

Self-Inflicted Headaches

Dr. Avila has treated over 500 TMD patients over the last ten years with most of his patients having a chief complaint of "Primary Headache". Dr. Avila has found "Primary Headaches" to be mostly unknowingly self-inflicted headaches. This means the sufferer has caused the headaches to themselves because they are not in possession of simple facts. Dr. Avila has found education to be his biggest tool in helping his patients to experience long-term headache relief. His survey of patients showed most of them had found permanent relief.

IS IT POSSIBLE that after spending so much time and money having CAT scans and MRIs your headaches are of the SELF-INFLICTED variety?? YES--it is possible.

IS IT POSSIBLE you are unknowingly causing your own headaches?? YES--it is possible.

Over 80% of headaches are unknowingly SELF-INFLICTED because sufferers do not have the simple knowledge they should have.